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Whether you are at the idea stage, one step away from taking your product to market, or an experienced startup looking for executive guidance, we have a program that matches your needs.

CityTechLab is a mentorship accelerator based in Haifa Israel, a join-venture of TechLab Acceleration and MATI Haifa (NGO). The program is sponsored by Haifa municipality and MATI and will launch on December 2016.

​With years of experience in assistance to entrepreneurs, and based on fruitful collaboration with the Haifa Municipality, we  launch this unique program - CityTechLab Haifa.

The Program

In our 4 months accelerator program you’ll get access to professional mentorship, hands-on sessions with startup experts, all is designed to transform the idea - to reality, while customizing an experience for you and placing you in a competitive yet supportive batch of startups that are sharing some of your challenges.

We'll meet in weekly group meetings and share lots of one-on-one mentoring hours. The program's entrepenures can use MATI's open space with no extra charge.

We DO NOT take any equity!


Urban Technologies

CityTechLab is looking for idea and models that are aligned with tomorrow’s city-life. we are focusing in smart city / urban ideas and technology such as Traffic management, energy & sustainability, Big Data analysis, Sharing Economy, GIS, Noise Management, pollution, Public Transportation, Waste Management, coexistence, urban environmental challenges and more.

What are we looking for?

Hard working teams / entrepreneurs that have an incredible technology, strong team and a lot of motivation.

What kind of projects we're looking for?

Traffic and Parking
Public Transportation
Drones in municipality services
Smart Homes and Buildings
Energy & Sustainability
Citizen services
Maping & GIS
Waste Management
Water and Pollution
Urban Agriculture
Street Security and Alerting

Our Team

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