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Who are we?

CityTechLab is an acceleration program for advanced projects that serve as a technological response to modern-day city challenges.

This project is a joint effort in cooperation with MATI Haifa (the association for entrepreneurial development in Haifa), the city of Haifa, and TechLab Acceleration.

With years of experience in successfully mentoring entrepreneurs and accelerating the progress of technological projects, we now together with the cooperation of the city of Haifa and with access to strategic partners, customers, and relevant databases, are excited to announce that we are opening the program CityTechLab Haifa, to application for the coming class of December 2016.

The program will take place in the Wise work complex of MATI Haifa, located in Downtown Haifa (within walking distance of the central train station and Metronit). The following will be available to the developers participating in the program: Shared work spaces; conference room;  lecture hall;  and inspirational area for team work.

What’s in the program?

Over the course of the 4 month project, there will be weekly group meetings in addition to personal one on one guidance. The project participants will work alongside professional mentors and entrepreneurs, who roll up their sleeves and help implement the world’s leading and advanced methodologies, in order to turn an idea into a reality.

The program is based on progress in 4 parallel channels: The product and the technology; Market and customer research; the business model; and funding. In the interest of doing so, the program
focuses on technological and business-related feasibility, as well as intensive preparation of staff and the creating of relevant content during the process of raising capital.


What to expect?


  • Participation in a professional program, that is based on effective creative-content and business-building tools.

  • Support and private guidance from expert mentors who practice in the professional fields most relevant to your project.

  • Work in accordance to milestones and personal goals, both constant and measurable

  • What you get as a project participant:

  • Access to the Wise complex in Downtown Haifa

  • Access to municipal-service departments in the city of Haifa, and to their relevant databases

  • In-depth introductions with opportunity for funding (funds, loans, investments etc.)

  • Exposure to a community of entrepreneurs, strategic partners and potential costumers

  • Networking and assistance in finding partners, interns, and manpower for the project

  • Access to technological packages and discounts for necessary additional professional services


Urban technologies 

CityTechLab promotes technological projects, which aim to resolve the urban needs of tomorrow. We focus on technology for smarter cities, such as -Technology in public and private transportation management; Energy and sustainability; Public access to urban information analyses; Safety and environmental security; 
Improvement of public services; Environmental monitoring ; Waste treatment; Coexistence and community life (culture, sports, and tourism); and any other relevant challenges to urban life.


What are we looking for?
Strong teams and entrepreneurs with internal drive and a burning passion to solve real problems, using advanced technological solutions.  

Public Transportation
Drones in municipality services
Smart Homes and Buildings
Energy & Sustainability
Citizen services
Maping & GIS
Waste Management
Water and Pollution
Urban Agriculture
Safe Streets Security and Alerting

Our Staff 

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